Revolutionizing Enterprise Incentives through Decentralization

IncentiVerse aims to revolutionize enterprise incentives by providing a decentralized solution that seamlessly aligns incentives and facilitates the exchange of value. This groundbreaking project focuses on diverse applications such as education, experience credentials, loyalty rewards, and incentive-based marketing channels.

The Blockchain Advantage

Why opt for a blockchain-based solution? While centralized systems have their merits, IncentiVerse is committed to fostering an open and decentralized protocol. This approach ensures a level playing field for all stakeholders, allowing for democratic protocol changes and the exchangeability of credentials—a feat challenging to achieve in centralized models. As a parachain of the Polkadot network, IncentiVerse enhances the overall security and reliability of the blockchain.

The Power of IncentiVerse

IncentiVerse is designed as an enterprise-oriented parachain with a strong emphasis on incentive-driven projects. By offering a decentralized solution for permanent education and experience grading, it empowers stakeholders to directly manage curriculums, fostering a more dynamic and up-to-date assessment of talent.

We offer a transformative approach to enterprise incentives, promoting transparency, security, and efficiency. By embracing decentralization, the project pioneers a new era of incentive-driven solutions, creating a dynamic ecosystem that benefits stakeholders across various industries. Join us in shaping the future of enterprise incentives with IncentiVerse.

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What’s happening

At the moment our project is in early stage development. Our roadmap:

  • Develop a Substrate node with custom pallets
  • Launch a standalone test network
  • Implement improvements based on stakeholder input
  • Run as a parachain of the Rococo test network
  • Implement further improvements
  • Launch as a parachain of the Kusama network
  • Implement final improvements and release the first production ready node
  • Launch as a parachain of the Polkadot network
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Ecosystem participants

Early participants in the IncentiVerse ecosystem are creating:

  • A gig marketplace with experience credentials
  • Incentive driven marketing funnels with loyalty tokens
  • B2B networking and knowledge sharing with content contributor rewards
  • A DAO for decentralized education with education credentials